• INTUITIVE PAGE LAYOUTS enable you to view many channels of data on one screen. On this page we have air/fuel ratio for all 8 cylinders of a Winston Cup motor shown in bar graphs on the left. The bar graphs are arranged as if you were viewing the engine “from above”. Obviously, this is particular data is arranged for a Ford engine. The average air/fuel Ratio for the left and right side cylinders are also shown in bar graphs as well as the average for the whole motor. (These averages are formulated using the Math facility in TM)

(Click to enlarge)

  • THE MAP PLOT IN THE LOWER RIGHT shows throttle position and fore/aft G superimposed on a map of the track. This type of plot (unique to TM 2000) is a quick, easy to understand picture of where the driver can pick up the throttle and where he must back off. Also shown on this map plot are markers of average air/fuel ratio for the 4 main sections of the track. Map markers can be easily set up for any variable in TM.
  • THE XY PLOT in the upper right shows average air/fuel for the right side cylinders in blue, with the left side in green. The graphs are plotted against Engine RPM, and show how drastically the air/fuel ratios change as the engine pulls through its RPM range. These plots illustrate how easy it is to boil down “data” into the easy to see “answers” that we really need.


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