• THE REPORT GENERATOR in TM 2000 is extremely flexible and powerful. The SEGMENT TIMES REPORT shows segment times for every lap in the session. At the bottom of the report the FASTEST ROLLING LAP and FASTEST THEORETICAL LAP are displayed, along with their segment times.
  • THE AVERAGE AIR/FUEL and the ENGINE RPM reports in the lower left are examples of “All Laps” type reports, where the min, max, average, and range for each lap is reported. In the upper right is an example of a “Session Summary” where only 1 line is devoted to each chosen signal, and the parentheses after each item indicate which lap the min or max occurred on.
  • THE PROPERTIES BOX for reports includes a user-controllable “Lap Time Filter” so that you have control of which laps are considered in reports. This makes it easy to exclude slow or “in” laps, spins, etc.


  • CREATE map based reports using the improved map markers facility which enables you to position markers wherever you would like them to appear in the report.
  • MAP MARKERS appear on Map Plots positioned exactly as you arranged them on the design page.
  • NOTE that a Custom Marker can display the Minimum, Maximum, Average, or Absolute Value of any Signal (including Math Signals).



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