• SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISONS are simple to do. Below are segment times, shift points, RPM’s and Driver Controls for 2 laps. The left hand column of plots shows data from a “decent” lap, while the right hand column shows data from the best qualifying lap. Only TM 2000 gives you the power and flexibility to organize data this way.
  • THE “FLYING BOX” attached to the cursor in the 2 upper map plots shows which gear the car is in. Notice that on the “decent lap” the car is in 4th while on the “best” lap, it is in 3rd. The SEGMENT TIMES markers in the 2 upper maps are automatically positioned at the same exact track position for both laps, making the need for multiple beacons obsolete.
  • THE MAPS IN THE CENTER of the screen show the exact shift points for each lap, as well as which gear is being used at every point on the track, making gearing analysis as easy as it can be.
  • THE CURSORS IN ALL THE PLOTS are “Linked” to each other, so that as you move any one, they all update.
  • ALL THE NOTES ON THESE SCREENS were created using the Text Tool built into TM 2000, which makes it a snap to add notes to graphs.

(Click to enlarge)

  • SWITCHING FROM SCREEN TO SCREEN by clicking on the Page Tab is nearly instantaneous. Each custom screen can be given a meaningful name, reducing confusion.
  • HISTOGRAMS aid in analyzing complex data such as Shock Speeds. Here are histograms of the 4 shock speeds, along with distance plots of the shock speeds, the Driver Controls, Track Map, and 3-D Chassis Animation, all in one nicely organized page.
  • BY ZOOM LINKING the histograms to the X-Y plot, they analyze and display only the portion of the lap you are zoomed in on. This powerful feature allows you to quickly zero in on the portions of the data important to YOU.

  • STATE OF THE ART Context Sensitive Menus (Speed Menus) are used throughout the program, and are accessed by simply “Right Clicking” on any object.


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