INFORMER 2 Performance Monitor and the
Recent Time Difference (RTD)

Let’s say you are driving at Mid Ohio and just went through the turn shown in red on the map:
When you pass point “C”, the INFORMER 2 screen shows you the time gain or loss (Time Difference or TD) for the entire lap so far (point A to C) AND shows the time gain or loss for just the part of the track shown in red (point B to C). This time gain or loss for point B to C is what we call the Recent Time Difference (RTD) .

The portion of track included in the Recent Time Difference is called the Performance Window (shown in red). Its “length” is adjustable by the user. The Performance Window “follows” you around the track as you drive, so that the Recent Time Difference always shows your performance in the most recent section of track.


The INFORMER 2 Performance Monitor also calculates and displays Predicted Lap Time.

All of the performance monitor parameters measure the difference between the current lap you are driving and the Baseline Lap.

Baseline laps can be uploaded to and downloaded from the INFORMER 2, can be saved for future use, and can be shared among friends.